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Status Monitor for Wireless Access Points


This monitor provides key information about the status for the wireless access point selected in any of the views. This monitor is on the Summary tab in Monitor mode.

Table 1 describes the fields in this monitor.

Table 1: Status Monitor Fields



AP Name

Name of the access point.

AP Number

Number of the access point.


The model number of the access point.

Serial Number

Serial number of the access point.

IP Address

The IP address assigned to the access point.


The length of time since the access point last booted.


Operational status of the access point:

  • Down—The access point is offline.

  • Up—The access point is online and enabled.

  • Up Redundant—The access point is online, reporting to this controller as redundant and another controller as primary.


The version of the Mobility System Software (MSS) running on the access point.

Primary Controller

The primary controller for the access point.

Secondary Controller

The secondary controller for the access point.


Location of the access point.