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Upgrading Network Director


You can upgrade to Network Director Release 3.7R1 from the following Network Director releases:

  • Upgrading from Network Director 3.6R1

  • Upgrading from Network Director 3.5R1

If you do not have a supported version of Network Director, upgrade to Release 3.5R1 or Release 3.6R1. For instructions on upgrading to Network Director Releases 3.5R1 or 3.6R1 respectively, see Network Director Release 3.5 Quick Start Guide or Network Director Release 3.6 Quick Start Guide.

Before you start the upgrade, ensure that you have:

You can upgrade to Network Director Release 3.7R1 either by using the Junos Space Store option under Administration > Applications task or by manually downloading the Network Director software image.

To upgrade Network Director by using Junos Space Store, see Installing Network Director From Junos Space Store.

To upgrade Network Director from a previous version by manually downloading the software image:

  1. Download the Network Director Release 3.7R1 software image to the hard disk or to an SCP server. You can download the Network Director Software image from the Network Director Download Software page.
  2. Log in to Junos Space Platform.
  3. Click the add symbol (+) adjacent to the Administration and click Applications.

    The Applications page opens.

  4. Click add symbol (+) symbol to add the Network Director application.

    The Add Application page opens.

  5. Select Network Director from the list of installed applications and click Upgrade Application from the Actions menu.
  6. In the Upgrade Application page, click either Upload via HTTP or Upload via SCP and navigate to the location where you saved the Network Director image.

    To upload Network Director by using HTTP:

    1. Click Upload via HTTP .

      The Upload Software via HTTP page opens.

    2. Click Browse to select the Network Director image file. You can either navigate to the local directory and select the Network Director software image, or copy and paste the download URL in the File name if the image is not already downloaded to the local directory.
    3. Click Open to download the image file.
    4. Click Upload to load the image file into Junos Space.

    To upload Network Director by using SCP if you have a Linux server:

    1. Click Upload via SCP.

      The Upload Software via SCP page opens.

      Enter the following secure copy credentials to upload the image from a remote server to Junos Space.

      • Enter the user name of the remote server.

      • Enter the password of the remote server and reenter the password in the Confirm Password field.

      • Enter the host IP address of the remote server.

      • Enter the path of the remote server to which you have copied the Network Director image file.

        Click Upload to load the image file into Junos Space.

        The Upload Application Job Information dialog opens.

  7. Click OK to skip viewing the job results.
  8. Select Network Director and click Upgrade.

    You can check the Job Status page to see the progress of the upgrade job. Once the upgrade completes, Network Director appears on the Applications inventory page. The new or upgraded application also appears in the Application Chooser (at the upper-left corner).

  9. (Optional) Bookmark this page in your browser for future use.

    You can use the bookmarked URL to log in to Network Director without logging in to Junos Space first.