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Assigning RF Snooping Filter Profiles to Access Points


RF snooping refers to access points listening for any kind of RF communication on the network—this topic describes assigning a snooping configuration. You must have an existing RF Snooping profile to assign to devices—for directions, see Creating and Managing RF Snooping Filter Profiles.


You can also map a Radio profile to a snooping profile—see Creating and Managing a Radio Profile.

You can map up to eight snoop filters to a radio. A filter does not become active until you enable it. Filters and their mappings are persistent and remain in the configuration following a restart. The filter state is also persistent across restarts. Once a filter is enabled, if the controller or the access point is subsequently restarted, the filter remains enabled after the restart. To stop using the filter, you must manually disable it.

Assign an RF Snooping Profile to Access Points

To assign an RF Snooping profile to access points, follow these steps:

  1. Under Views, select one of these options: Logical View, Location View, Device View or Custom Group View.Tip

    Do not select Dashboard View, Datacenter View, or Topology View.

  2. Click in the Network Director banner.
  3. In the Tasks pane, expand Wireless, expand Profiles, and then click RF Snooping.

    The Manage RF Snooping Profile page appears, displaying the list of currently configured Snooping Profiles.

  4. Select one of the listed profiles and then click Assign.

    The Assign RF Snooping Profile wizard opens with three sections, Device Selection (displayed), Profile Assignment, and Review.

  5. Under Device Selection, select one or more devices. Snooping profiles are assigned to access point radios. If you select a controller, all associated access points receive the Snooping profile.
  6. Click either Profile Assignment or Next.

    The Assign Snoop Profile page opens.

  7. On the Assign Snoop Profile page, select any listed devices for Snooping profile assignment.
  8. Click either Review or Next.
  9. Make any needed changes and then click Finish.

    The assignment is added to the Manage Snooping Profiles page.

What To Do Next

Next, deploy the devices with the new Snooping profile assignment—for directions, see Deploying Configuration to Devices.