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Assigning Remote Site Profiles to Access Points


Remote Sites are assigned to access points either from the Manage Remote Sites page (directions are described here) or during creation of an access point—for those directions, see Adding and Managing an Individual Access Point.

Before you begin, you need at least one configured Remote Site profile. For directions, see Creating and Managing Remote Site Profiles.

To assign a Remote Site profile to one or more access points:

  1. Under Views, select one of these options: Logical View, Location View, Device View or Custom Group View.Tip

    Do not select Dashboard View, Datacenter View, or Topology View.

  2. Click in the Network Director banner.
  3. Select a Remote Site profile from the list and then click Assign.

    The Assign Remote Site wizard opens, displaying a list of wireless devices. The wizard consists of three sections, Device Selection (selected), Profile Assignment, and Review.

  4. From Device Selection, select one or more wireless devices from the list. If you select a device such as a controller, the entire Wireless Network, or My Network, all devices below that selection are also selected.
  5. Click either Profile Assignment or Next.

    The devices you selected are listed on the Profile Assignment page of the wizard.

  6. Select one of the listed devices for assignment and then click Assign to AP to see the access points on that device.

    The Assign Profile to Managed Nodes window opens, displaying a list of access points found on the selected device.

  7. Select one or more access points from the list and then click Assign.

    The Assign Profile to Managed Nodes window closes.

  8. Click either Review or Next.

    The assignments are listed in the Assignments window.

  9. To make any changes in the Review section of the wizard, Click Edit and then make the changes.
  10. Click Finish.

    The Create Profile Assignment Job Details window opens. If the job is 100% complete, and the listed status is SUCCESS, the Remote Site profile is now listed to the access points.

  11. Click OK.

    The Remote Site profile name appears on the Manage Remote Sites page with the assignment state Pending Deployment. Deploy the pending Remote Site profile following the directions in Deploying Configuration to Devices.


Assigned settings from any profile, including this one, have lower priority than settings made directly to a controller or an access point. For more information, see Adding and Managing an Individual Access Point and Configuring a Controller .