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New and Changed Features for Network Director Release 3.3R1

  • New hardware support—Starting in Release 3.3R1 and later, Junos Space Network Director supports discovering and provisioning of EX9253 devices.

  • Support for port-based network access control monitoring—Starting in Release 3.3R1 and later, Network Director supports monitoring dot1x sessions on ports of satellite devices of a Junos Fusion Enterprise when dot1x authentication is configured on the ports.

  • Enhanced support for Junos Fusion Enterprise—Starting in Release 3.3R1 and later, the following enhancements are made in Network Director for Junos Fusion Enterprise:

    • support for devices running Junos OS Release 18.1R1 and Release 18.2R1

    • support for EX9200-12QS, EX9200-40XS, EX9200-RE2, EX9200-40FM, and EX9200-MPC line cards

    • support for configuring EX9251 and EX9253 as aggregation devices

  • Support for unassigning multiple port profiles—Starting in Network Director Release 3.3R1 and later, you can select multiple port profiles that are assigned to multiple interfaces and unassign them from the ports in a single step. For more information, see Assigning and Unassigning a Port Profile from Interfaces.

  • Support for monitoring PoE traps—Starting in Network Director Release 3.3R1 and later, you can monitor PoE traps on EX Series switches and satellite devices of Junos Fusion Enterprise.

    The following changes enable monitoring of PoE traps:

    • The Set SNMP Trap Configuration includes the category PoE SMTP to enable monitoring PoE traps.

    • The Port Status - Physical table on the Dashboard view and the Port Status Detail (Physical) in the Monitor Mode Summary tab for an EX Series switch includes the PoE column to indicate whether a PoE trap is available or not for the ports on the switch.

    • The Alarm Settings in Preferences includes the following two new alarms:

      • PoE Port ON-OFF Alarm—Enabled when the PoE power is turned on or off.

      • PoE Power Usage High—Enabled when PoE is above the defined threshold value.

    • The Show PoE Interfaces option, is added to the Monitoring mode to view details, such as interface name, admin status, maximum power limit, power consumption and priority, in satellite devices of Junos Fusion Enterprise and EX Series devices. For more information, see Viewing PoE Information.

  • Support for configuring ESI-LAG—Starting in Network Director Release 3.3R1 and later, you can configure ESI-LAG between core and access devices in an EVPN-VxLAN topology by using Network Director. For more information, see Creating and Managing ESI Link Aggregation Groups (ESI-LAGs).