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    Configuring Fibre Channel Gateways

    This topic describes the methods Network Director provides to configure Fibre Channel (FC) gateways on data center switching devices.

    This topic describes:

    Using the FC Gateway Service Profile to Configure FC Gateways

    An FC Gateway Service profile provides a quick way to configure Fibre Channel (FC) gateways on Data Center Switching devices. It is intended for FC gateway devices that are connected directly to the FCoE network, without transit switches. In addition to the settings you can specify, the profile creates an FC gateway configuration with some default settings that cannot be modified. For example, you cannot specify any CoS settings for the FC gateway; only the default settings are available.

    For information about using the FC Gateway Service profile, see Creating and Managing FC Gateway Service Profiles.

    Using a Combination of Profiles to Configure FC Gateways

    If you want to configure an FC gateway that does not meet the requirements of the FC Gateway Service profile, you can use a combination of other profiles to configure the components of the FC gateway and assign them to the appropriate devices, ports, and profiles.

    The profiles you use to configure an FC gateway include:

    • CoS profile—Configures CoS on the FC gateway Ethernet interfaces that is required to support FCoE. You assign the CoS profile to the port profiles you assign to the Ethernet ports in the FC gateway.
    • VLAN profiles—Configure the FCoE VLANs used to carry FCoE traffic on the FC gateway and the native VLAN used to transport FIP traffic. You assign the FCoE VLAN profile to the Fabric profile and the Port profiles assigned to the FC and Ethernet ports in the FC gateway. You assign the native VLAN profile to the port profile for the ports in the FC gateway.
    • Port profiles—Configure FC and Ethernet ports as FC gateway ports, and configure Ethernet port VLAN membership and FIP settings. You assign Port profiles to the FC and Ethernet ports in the FC gateway. The Port profile includes the CoS and VLAN profiles assigned to it.
    • Fabric profile—Configures the FC gateway fabric. The Fabric profile includes the FCoE VLAN profile assigned to it.

    Modified: 2018-01-24