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    Network Director API Setup Sample Files

    After you install the Network Director API software, the only NaaS service that is available for use is the service for importing the physical network topology of the NaaS domain. Before you can use the full set of NaaS service resources with the API, you must initialize the NaaS service and import static configurations to your managed devices.

    Before you import the NaaS domain physical topology to devices, prepare a topology file.

    This topic provides the following sample file:

    Sample Physical Topology File

    The following output shows a sample physical topology file in XML format.

    <NaasDomains> <NaasDomain name="Naas-Domain-Name"> <topology> <systems> <system name="ex4-host-name" mgmtIp="" userId="root" password="SecretPassword"> <capabilities> <capability name="SWITCHING" /> </capabilities> <revenueport_ifds> <revenueport_ifd name="ge-0/0/3"/> <revenueport_ifd name="ge-0/0/22"/> <revenueport_ifd name="ge-0/0/23"/> <revenueport_ifd name="ge-0/0/24"/> </revenueport_ifds> </system> <system name="srx-host-name" mgmtIp="" userId="root" password="password"> <capabilities> <capability name="SECURITY" /> </capabilities> <revenueport_ifds> <revenueport_ifd name="ge-0/0/1"/> <revenueport_ifd name="ge-0/0/2"/> <revenueport_ifd name="ge-1/0/3"/> <revenueport_ifd name="ge-0/0/4"/> <revenueport_ifd name="ge-0/0/5"/> <revenueport_ifd name="ge-0/0/6"/> </revenueport_ifds> </system> </systems> <linked_interfaces> <ifd name="ge-1/0/3"> <peer name="ge-0/0/23"> <hostedOn name="ex4-host-name"/> </peer> <hostedOn name="srx-host-name"/> </ifd> </linked_interfaces> </topology> </NaasDomain> </NaasDomains>

    Table 1 describes the NaaS domain physical topology information that you must provide in the topology file.

    Table 1: Physical Topology Input Fields

    Field Name


    NaasDomain name

    Name of the NaaS domain in the topology. Only one NaaS domain is supported.

    NaaS Domain Components

    system name

    System name of each device managed by the NaaS domain. For each system name, provide the following system information:

    • Management IP address (mgmtIp)
    • User ID (userId) of the system administrator
    • Password (password) for the user ID

    Note: Only one device with switching capability is supported in each NaaS domain.

    System Components

    capability name

    Capability you enable for each system (managed device).

    Valid values are:


    Note: Only one device with switching capability is supported in each NaaS domain.

    revenueport_ifd name

    Interface name that identifies a revenue port in a system; for example, ge-0/0/3. Revenue ports are attachment points that connect to physical servers.

    Linked Interfaces Components

    (Optional for topologies with a single device)

    ifd name

    Name of an interface that is connected to a peer interface. An ifd name must be paired with a peer name.

    peer name

    Name of the peer interface.

    hostedOn name

    Hostname of an interface. Each linked interface must have a hostname.

    Modified: 2017-09-13