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Resolved Issues

This section lists the issues fixed in Network Director Release 3.2R1.

For the most complete and latest information about resolved defects Junos Space Network Director defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

  • When users upgrade devices in Network Director, the devices are upgraded in groups with each group containing not more than 10 devices. When there is a large number of devices to be upgraded, there is a delay. For example, when users are required to upgrade devices in multiple batches. [PR1290861]

  • The Datacenter Fusion template creation failed in Network Director when users manually entered a cascade port range. However, the template creation was successful when users selected the cascade port range from the drop-down list. [PR1301477]

  • Both automatic and manual synchronization failed for the devices managed in Network Director and the following error message appeared during device synchronization.
    Reconciliation failed with error Authentication Profile validation failed with error: Invalid value for Number of retries => 0, valid range =>(1-10). [PR1297828]

  • When users modify the device configuration by using the Easy Config Setup feature of Network Director, the protocols dot1x authenticator configuration, which is already configured on the device gets deleted. [PR1302294]

  • Interface bandwidth of the devices is not shown in Network Director 3.1R1. [PR1330214]

  • User role with read-only access is not available in the Network Director API; only super administrator role is available. [PR1347925]

  • When a device baseline configuration is updated, the job name is shown as Create Baseline instead of Update Baseline. However, in the audit log, the job shows the entry as Update Baseline. [PR1106708]

  • The Save and Deploy operations fail under the Manage IP Connectivity task when users choose not to resynchronize the devices, which are out of sync with Network Director. [PR1119978]

  • Users are unable to sort port names in ascending or descending order in the Port Selector page. Also, when users select all the ports and click Edit to modify port details, the Port Selector page gets highlighted. [PR1236190]

  • When users click Test Connection while adding an SCP server with a long string in the server name, an error message with characters is shown. [PR1070855]

  • While adding an SCP server, when users enter a space in the IP Address field, the following error message is shown:
    The Enter a non-Empty value with maximum 64 characters long. space is not allowed. [PR1070905]

  • While creating a Filter profile, selecting the Protocols and Except option in the Protocols and Ethertypes section and clicking on Cancel does not cancel protocol selections. [PR1107501]

  • While creating a VLAN profile, when users enter an incorrect FC MAP value in the Advanced settings and click Next, the page gets resized and opens the next page instead of showing an error message for the incorrect FC MAP value. [PR1112957]

  • IP fabric devices are listed along with the wireless devices when assigning a Local Switching VLAN profile to a wireless device. [PR1115184]

  • When users select a task in Network Director, the About page opens. For multiple task selections, multiple About pages are shown. [PR1208027]

  • Help page for Manage SUG landing page is not available. [PR1240442]

  • While creating a quick template, when the text length entered exceeds the text area size in the CLI commands section, users are unable to view the entire text even though the horizontal scroll bar is moved to the end. [PR1241159]

  • Users are unable to drag and drop Select Ports widgets when adding cascade and ICL ports in Junos Fusion and Datacenter templates. [PR1283122]

  • The Edit Assignment button looks different from that of Assign button. Both the buttons should have the same look. [PR1286893]

  • When creating a configuration template for the Junos Fusion campus or datacenter devices, the Select Cascade Ports table shows the device model that is different than that of the device model configured for that template. [PR1290364]

  • When a user does not assign a profile to a device, Network Director shows an invalid error message
    “Index: 0, Size: 0" instead of showing the profile validation error message. [PR1291574]

  • When you select an image to deploy it to an aggregation device under the Image Management task (that was configured in the Junos Fusion Enterprise or a Datacenter setup), the Action Failure error message is displayed. [PR1292283]

Modified: 2018-04-30