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Operational Notes on General Interface Use

  • The recommended screen resolution is 1280 x 1024. If your screen resolution is less than the supported resolution, the Network Director UI might not be displayed properly. For example, icons might not be displayed on the Network Director banner, pages might appear truncated, or scroll bars might not work correctly.

  • The supported Web browsers are Google Chrome version 17 and later, Mozilla Firefox version 14.0 and later, and Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 9.0, 10.0, and 11.0.

  • Network Director does not support cold migration of virtual machines. Cold migration is the migration of a virtual machine that is powered off.

  • You can log in directly to Network Director without logging in to the Network Management Platform first. To do so, use the URL:


    The default username and password is the administrator’s username and password.

  • If you have logged in to Network Director for a long period of time, the connection to the server might time out. Monitoring screens might go blank or you might not be able to access tasks. To resolve this, log out of Network Director and then log in again.

  • If you receive Java exception error message when you perform an operation, retry the operation. The error condition is usually temporary and has no other impact.

  • In large-scale environments, it might take some time for the network tree in the View pane to reflect changes such as newly discovered devices or newly created locations.

  • Deployment of configurations to QFX5100 switches from Network Director is possible only after you run the following commands by using the CLI of the QFX5100 switch:

    user@switch# set system extensions providers juniper license-type juniper deployment-scope commercial
    user@switch# set system extensions providers chef license-type juniper deployment-scope commercial

Modified: 2018-04-11