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Understanding the Device Discovery Process

When a new device with network configurations is added to the network, Network Director runs a job to discover the device. Two minutes after device discovery, Network Director initiates another job called the brownfield process. The brownfield process ensures that the new device is ready to be used in the network by deploying the required configurations to the device.

To support rapid network deployment, Junos Space Network Director enables you to define your network configuration in a set of profiles that you can apply to multiple objects in your network. For example, you can define a Port profile to set up class-of-service (CoS), authentication, firewall filters, and Ethernet switching settings that are appropriate for all access ports in your network that connect to employee desktop VoIP phones.

You can manually create Profiles from the Network Director user interface or the profiles may be created automatically by Network Director when you discover a device. Once a device, that has network configurations, is discovered, Network Director initiates a Brownfield process to read the configuration and create the necessary profiles for all the supported configuration from the discovered device.

Figure 9 displays how the brownfield process works in Network Director.

Figure 9: Brownfield Process

Brownfield Process

Using the brownfield process, Network Director completes the following actions:

Benefits of the Device Discovery Process

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