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Understanding Virtual Network Management

Network Director unifies the physical, wireless, and virtual networks and provides network operators with a comprehensive view of the complete end-to-end network infrastructure. You can use the Datacenter View perspective in Network Director to view and manage virtual networks deployed in virtualized environments in data centers. This ensures that network policies are consistently and automatically applied across physical, wireless, and virtual networks. Figure 27 illustrates the virtual machines (VMs) and physical interfaces in a virtual network.

Figure 27: Network View of Virtual Machines

Network View of Virtual Machines

VMs residing on a host connect to ports in a virtual switch. Virtual switches, in turn, are associated with port groups that have a fixed number of ports. Ethernet adapters (also called uplink adapters) connect the virtual environment to the physical network. These elements constitute the inventory of the virtual network.

You can use Network Director to discover and monitor the virtual resources in your virtual environment. Network Director also provides consistent orchestration and operation of the physical and virtual components of the environment.

Network Director enables you to use the services and functionality of other Junos Space applications to manage and monitor the virtual network just as you would do with a physical network.

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