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RF Throughput or Packet Throughput Level Monitor

The RF Throughput or Packet Throughput Level monitor displays the amount of data throughput in kilobytes per second (KBps) experienced in the last hour by the object selected in the View pane. Total network throughput for each radio or for each access point (either one can be selected) is measured in KBps at the configured polling interval and plotted on this line chart. The throughput rates are reflected on the left side of the chart.

If you are viewing data for a time period longer than one hour, each data point on the graph represents data consolidated from more than one polling period. In this case, the graph shows multiple lines, which are labeled in the legend:

The area between the maxThroughput and minThroughput lines is shaded to indicate the range of values.

You can perform the following actions on this line graph:

Throughput data is available when you select either a radio or access point in any view of the View pane.

Throughput is decreased by Layer 2 retransmissions, increased numbers of clients, and the overhead associated with 802.11 protocols. You can try to increase throughput by:

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