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Monitoring the Percentage of RF Packet Retransmissions

This monitor reflects the percentage of data packets (but not voice packets) that are retransmitted when they do not reach their destination. The higher the percentage of retransmitted data packets, the slower the throughput. (See Monitoring RF Throughput.) Data packets can be retransmitted when:

Network Director tracks and monitors packet retransmissions for the devices listed in Table 324.

This topic describes:

Procedure for Viewing RF Packet Transmission

You can monitor packet transmission for the following:

Note: Unlike access points and radios, which appear on the list automatically, sites, buildings, floors and wiring closets must be configured by you.


To view RF packet retransmission over a fixed period of time:

  1. Select Monitor Mode in the Network Director banner.
  2. Select any view from the View pane.
  3. Expand the list in the View pane, and then select one of the objects listed in Table 324:

    Table 324: Objects in the View Pane With Packet Retransmission Statistics



    Individual radio.

    Individual access point.

    Wiring closet—to create a wiring closet, see Setting Up Closets.

    Selecting a floor in logical view displays all access points on that floor—to create a floor, see Configuring Floors.

    Selecting a building in logical view displays all access points in that building—to create a building, see Configuring Buildings.

    Selecting a site from the logical view displays all access points in that building—to create a site, see Creating a Site.

    The Monitor mode RF tab becomes available when you select any of the objects in Table 324.

  4. Click the Monitor mode RF tab to view the four basic monitors, which includes the RF packet retransmission monitor.

    The populated RF packet retransmission monitor opens, displaying the number of packet retransmissions that the selected object has experienced in the last hour.

  5. Optionally, change the timeframe covered by the monitor by selecting a different time from the list.
  6. Click Help (?) for help interpreting the throughput chart or see Percentage of Packets Retransmitted Monitor.

Note: To change the polling interval for monitors, see Setting Up User and System Preferences.

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