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Monitoring Port Traffic Statistics

This topic describes how to monitor port traffic statistics on a device. You can monitor port traffic statistics for a switch, router, Virtual Chassis, wireless controller, Virtual Chassis Fabric, QFabric system or Layer 3 Fabric.

This topic describes:

Procedure for Monitoring Port Traffic Statistics


  1. Click Monitor in the Network Director banner.
  2. Do one of the following:


    To view the port statistics:

    1. Select a node in the View pane that contains the port traffic you want to monitor.
    2. Select the Traffic tab.
    3. In the Tasks pane, select Port Statistics.

      The Port Traffic Stats window opens. For information about this window, click the Help button in the title bar of the window or see Port Traffic Stats Window.


    To view the port status and analyze network traffic for devices that are configured for network traffic analysis:

    1. Select a device from the view pane.
    2. In the Tasks pane, select Traffic Analysis.

      The Port on Device window opens. For information about this window and the tasks that you can perform from this window, see Port on Device Window.

Port on Device Window

Port on Device window displays the details of all the ports on a device.Table 300 describes the fields that are displayed in the Port on Device window.

Table 300: Port on Device table field descriptions

Field Name


Port Name

Identification of the port.

Admin State

The administrative state of the port: enabled (UP) or disabled (DOWN).

Operational State

The operational status—link up (UP) or link down (DOWN).

Max Bandwidth

The actual bandwidth available on the port, in megabits (Mb).

Negotiated Bandwidth

The negotiated bandwidth based on the speed that is configured or auto-negotiated for the interface.


To view more details about the traffic on any port, select the port and click View Traffic. The Traffic on Port window opens. For more details and field descriptions, see Device & Port Utilization Widget.

Port Traffic Stats Window

The Port Traffic Stats window displays information about the port traffic on the node you selected in the View pane. It contains the following elements:

Table 301: Port Traffic Window

Table Column


Serial Num

Serial number of the device to which the port belongs.

Port Name

Port number.

Channelized ports are indicated by the port number followed by :<channelized port number>. For example, xe/0/0/1:2 indicates that this channelized port is a part of the xe/0/0/1 port with a channelized port number of 2.

Port Usage Type

Port mode—either ACCESS or UPLINK.

MAC Addresses

Port MAC address.

Link Type

Full duplex, half duplex, or unspecified.

In Packets/Sec.(Current)

Current rate of inbound packets.

Out Packets/Sec.(Current)

Current rate of outbound packets.

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