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Resource Monitor For Wireless LAN Controllers

The Resource Utilization monitor shows wireless LAN controller CPU and memory use for the last hour using two needle gauges. The gauges display usage from 1-100 percent as resources are consumed, making it easy to see if these resources are being under or overused.

This monitor is available when you select a wireless LAN controller. It appears on the Equipment tab when in Monitor mode.

This topic describes:

Resource Utilization Summary

The summary view of the Resource Utilization monitor displays two needle gauges:

To view the resource utilization over a period of 24 hours, a month, or a year, click the details icon. The CPU Utilization and Memory Utilization charts provide a more granular presentation of the data.

CPU and Memory Utilization Charts

The CPU and Memory Utilization charts allow you to view consumption rates for over different periods of time. You can select the time period from a list or specify a custom value. If you select Custom, an additional dialog box opens enabling you to select a starting and ending date and time.

The data is presented in two line charts or graphs, one for CPU utilization and the other for memory utilization. Select a time-frame for analysis from the list to update both graphs. Depending on the time-frame selected, the charts refresh to display time increments proportional to the time-frame. For example, when 1 Hour is selected, the time increments are 5 minutes apart; when 1 day is selected, the time increments are 1 hour apart. Mouse over the data intersections to view the precise value at that point.

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