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Managing Configuration Deployment Jobs

When you deploy configuration changes or schedule a configuration deployment, a configuration deployment job is created.


To start managing configuration deployment jobs:

  1. Click Deploy in the Network Director banner.
  2. In the Tasks pane, select Device Management > View Deployment Jobs.

    The Deploy Configuration page opens in the main window. The table on that page lists configuration deployment jobs.

This topic describes:

Selecting Configuration Deployment Job Options

From the Deploy Configuration page, you can:

Table 268 describes the information provided on the Deploy Configuration page

Table 268: Deploy Configuration Table Description

Table Column


Check box

Select to perform an action on the job in that row.

Job Id

An identifier assigned to the job.

Job Name

Job name (user-created).


Percentage of the job that is complete.


Job status. The possible states are:

  • CANCELLED—The job was cancelled by a user.
  • FAILURE—The job failed. This state is applied if any of the devices in the job failed. But some of the devices might have completed successfully. View the job details for the status of each device.
  • INPROGRESS—The job is running.
  • SCHEDULED—The job is scheduled but has not run yet.
  • SUCCESS—The job completed successfully. This state is applied if all of the devices in the job completed successfully.


Job summary.

Scheduled Start Time

Job’s scheduled start time

Actual Start Time

Time when the job started.

End Time

Time when the job ended


User who created the job


This field is not used for configuration deployment jobs.

Viewing Configuration Deployment Job Details


To view the details of a configuration deployment job:

  1. Select the job in the table.
  2. Click Show Details. The Deploy Configuration window opens. See Deploy Configuration Window for a description of the window.

Canceling Configuration Deployment Jobs


To cancel a configuration deployment job:

  1. Select the job in the table.
  2. Click Cancel Job.
  3. Click Yes in the confirmation window that opens.

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