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Understanding the Location View

The Location View is one of the perspectives that Network Director enables you to view and analyze your network. Using this view, you can view devices and data based on their physical location and proximity in the network. By physical location, we mean the buildings, floors, aisles, racks, wiring closets, and outdoor areas where the devices reside. After these locations are defined and devices assigned, the Location View gives you a visual representation of your devices based on where they reside.

You can define the physical location where the devices in the network are deployed in a hierarchical way, and define location entities from a site down to the wiring closet. When in the Location View, the network tree shows the network in terms of buildings, floors, aisles, racks, wiring closets, and outdoor areas nested beneath the building. The hierarchy of the locations is:

The hierarchical model enables you to define a location by using either of these methods:

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