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Setting Up Closets

Use the Add Closet or Edit Closet tasks to create or change the name of a wiring closet. These tasks are visible only from a floor node in a building.

This topic describes:

How to Add or Edit a Closet


To add or change a wiring closet:

  1. Click the Build Mode icon in the Network Director banner.
  2. Select Location View from the list in the View pane.
  3. Navigate to the building and floor where you are adding or changing the closet.
  4. If you are adding a wiring closet:


    1. Select a building floor in the network tree to which you want to add a wiring closet.

      The Tasks pane refreshes to show your selected floor and the available tasks for the floor.

    2. Click Add Closet in the Tasks pane.
  5. If you are changing a wiring closet, click Edit Closet in the Tasks pane.
  6. Type the closet name and click Done to save the configuration.

    The closet appears with the change in the network tree.

Adding or Editing a Wiring Closet

The Add Wiring Closet or Edit Wiring Closet pages allow you to name a wiring closet. Simply type the name of the new or changed wiring closet and click Done to submit the information to the system. Your network tree refreshes to show the wiring closet.

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