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Linking to the Aruba Airwave Application

Sites with the Aruba Airwave application licenses can launch the Airwave application from within Network Director by supplying the Airwave application URL. After specifying the URL on the Wireless tab of Preferences, click Launch Aruba Airwave in Build mode, Monitor mode, Fault mode, or Report mode to load the respective pages of Airwave application.


To enable launching the Airwave application from within Network Director:

  1. Type the URL required for launching the Airwave application.
  2. Type the credentials that are used to log in to the Airwave application.
  3. Specify the time in hours after which the Juniper Networks Network Director server synchronizes with the Aruba server to get the latest wireless devices inventory from the Aruba server.

    The default synchronize interval is 24 hours. You can enter upto 720 hours as synchronize interval.

    Note: If you specify the synchronize interval as 0 hours, the synchronization between the Juniper Networks server and Aruba server does not occur and you will need to manually synchronize these servers to retrieve the latest device inventory. To manually synchronize the servers click the Resynchronize Now button in the Aruba Wireless Device Inventory page.

  4. Click Check Connectivity to check the network connection between the Aruba Aiwave application server and Network Director.
  5. Click OK.

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