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Viewing Layer 3 Fabric Connectivity

After you have set up and deployed a Layer 3 Fabric in Network Director, you can pictorially view the physical connectivity between the various devices in the fabric. This page displays the devices and their physical connectivity in the spine-and-leaf topology.


To view the connectivity between the devices:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • While in the Logical, Location, Device, or Custom View, select the Layer 3 Fabric for which you want to view the connectivity details from the View pane and click Connectivity > View Layer 3 Fabric Connectivity from the Tasks pane.
    • Click View Topology in the Manage Layer 3 Fabric page.
    • While in the topology view, zoom in to a rack that has a Layer 3 Fabric member device, select the device and click View Layer 3 Fabric Connectivity from the Task pane.
    The Layer 3 Fabric Connectivity page opens.
  2. You can perform the following tasks from the Layer 3 Fabric Connectivity page.
    • Mouse over each entity to know more details about that entity.
    • You can Zoom in or zoom out of the connectivity view by using the + and - buttons.
    • View the faults and alarms on an entity by zooming in to the entity. Double-click the alarm or fault count to view more details about it in the Fault mode.
    • Click on a leaf device to expand and view the host machines that are connected to the device.

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