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Analyzing QFabric Devices

This topic describes how to analyze QFabric devices. The Run Fabric Analyzer task analyzes a QFabric device and provides information about its health, connectivity, and topology.

Note: Fabric analysis is supported for QFabric devices running Junos Release 13.1R2 or later.

You must identify the QFabric’s control plane switches by running the Setup QFabric task to get information about the control plane’s health and topology.

The Fabric Analyzer runs automatically when you discover a QFabric device and when you change its configuration by using the Setup QFabric task. You can also run the Fabric Analyzer manually.

This topic describes:

Procedure for Analyzing a QFabric Device Manually


  1. Click Monitor in the Network Director banner.
  2. Select the QFabric device to analyze in the View pane.
  3. In the Tasks pane, select Tasks > Run Fabric Analyzer.

The results of the analysis appear on the Fabric Analysis tab in Monitor mode, when the QFabric device is selected in the View pane. For information about using the tabs within this tab, see the following sections:

Using the Fabric Health Check Tab

To check the health of a QFabric device, select the Fabric Health Check tab on the Fabric Analysis tab in Monitor mode. The Fabric Health Check tab contains these sections:

You can download a Fabric Analysis report by clicking the Download button in the tab’s title bar. The report downloads as a zip file, which you unzip on your local machine. The report contains the following files:

Using the Topology Tab

Network Director enables you to view the data plane topology and the control plane topology. The data plane is a redundant, high-performance, and scalable data plane that carries QFabric system data traffic. The control plane is the network that carries control traffic between the various QFabric system components such as node devices, interconnect devices, director devices, and the control plane Ethernet switches.

The Topology tab displays the QFabric connectivity in the Data plane—with the interconnect in the center surrounded by the nodes— as shown in Figure 55. Mouse over a device to view the port details and the connection state of that device.

By default, Network Director displays the Data plane topology for the selected QFabric. To view the control plane topology, click Control Plane.

Figure 55: Fabric Analyzer Topology View of a QFabric Switch

Fabric Analyzer
Topology View of a QFabric Switch

In the topology diagram, the connection details are represented by green, yellow, and red lines.

The following details are displayed for each device, if the details are configured on the device:

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