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Converting Automatically Discovered Access Points to Manually Configured Access Points

When Auto AP mode is enabled on controllers, all access points are recognized but not persistently configured on the controller. Instead, the access points are dynamically added to the controller each time the access points boot up.

Note: For information about enabling Auto AP mode, see Creating and Managing Wireless Auto AP Profiles.

You can convert access points that were dynamically added to a controller using an Auto AP profile to a persistent access point configuration on the controller. This topic describes converting dynamic access point configurations to persistent access point configurations.


To convert automatically discovered access points to persistent access points:

  1. Click Deploy mode in the Network Director banner.
  2. Under Wireless Network in the View pane, select either a controller or a cluster of controllers.
  3. Click Convert Auto AP under Device Management in the Tasks pane.

    The Convert Auto AP page opens, displaying a list of automatically discovered access points and the information listed in Table 287.

    Table 287: Automatically Discovered Access Point Information



    AP Number

    Temporary access point number assigned by the controller.

    AP Name

    Temporary access point name assigned by the controller.


    Access point model number discovered by the controller.

    Serial Number

    Access point model number discovered by the controller.

    IP Address

    Temporary IP address assigned by the controller.

  4. From the list of automatically discovered access points, select one to convert to a persistent access point, and then click Convert Auto AP.
  5. This message is displayed: This will convert Auto APs to configured APs. Do you want to continue?

    Click Yes.

The Convert Auto AP Job details window is displayed with the converted access points.


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