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Audit Logs Overview

Audit logs provide a record of login history and user-initiated tasks that are performed from the user interface. From the Audit Logs page, you can monitor user login–logout activity over time, track device management tasks, view services that were provisioned on devices, and so forth. Audit logging does not record non-user initiated activities, such as device-driven activities, and is not designed for debugging purposes.

Administrators can sort and filter on audit logs to determine which users performed what actions on what objects at what time. For example, an administrator can use audit log filtering to track the user accounts that were added on a specific date, track configuration changes across a particular type of device, view services that were provisioned on specific devices, or monitor user login–logout activity over time.

Over time, Network Director will archive a large volume of log entries. Such log entries might or might not be reviewed, but they must be retained for a period of time.

The audit logs can be saved to a local server (the server that functions as the active node for Network Director) or a remote network host or media.

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