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Assigning a Wireless Filter Profile to Controllers


To assign a Filter Profile to a controller:

  1. Under Views, select one of these options: Logical View, Location View, Device View or Custom Group View.

    Note: Do not select Dashboard View, Datacenter View, or Topology View.

  2. Click in the Network Director banner.
  3. In the View pane, select one or more controllers. If you select Wireless Network, you select all controllers.
  4. From the Tasks pane, expand Wireless, expand Profiles, and then select Filter.

    The Manage Filter Profiles page appears, displaying the list of currently configured wireless Filter Profiles.

  5. Select a wireless Filter Profile from the list by adding a check mark next to the name, and then click Assign.

    The Assign Filter Profile wizard opens. The wizard consists of three sections, Device Selection, Profile Assignment, and Review.

  6. From Device Selection, select one or more devices for Filter Profile assignment—all devices under the selection are also selected.
  7. Click Profile Assignment to open the next page of the wizard.

    The Assign Filter Profile page opens, displaying a list of selected devices.

  8. From Profile Assignment, select one or more devices from the list by placing a check mark next to the devices. Click either Assign to Device or Assign to Cluster.
  9. Click Review and then click Edit to make any needed changes.
  10. Click Finish.

    The new assignment appears in the list.

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