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    Orchestration Services Components

    Network Director orchestration services are based on the Network as a Service (NaaS) model-based management system. NaaS consists of two logical components: NaaS service and NaaS domain.

    This topic describes:

    Orchestration Services Components

    • The NaaS service runs in the Junos Space infrastructure and manages the NaaS domain in such a way that the NaaS domain appears to network administrators and tenants as a single device with a set of revenue ports. Revenue ports are data ports on Juniper Networks devices. In a typical data center environment, compute servers are attached to revenue ports through which NaaS service is provided. The Network Director API operations are performed, using the NaaS service.
    • The NaaS domain represents the network infrastructure that the NaaS service manages. All elements, both physical and logical, in the domain are represented internally as instances of model classes in the Network Director orchestration services repository. The state of the elements in the repository is synchronized with the state in the NaaS domain by way of read-and-write activities such as discovery, configuration, and other events that occur in the management network.

    In Network Director orchestration services provide network administrators with administrative and configuration privileges for performing network operations, including:

    • Configuring the network infrastructure
    • Performing basic create, replace, update, delete (CRUD) operations of tenants
    • Activating and deactivating NaaS service

    Modified: 2017-01-29