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    Setting up the Naas Domain

    The Junos Space Network Director API application runs on the Junos Space Network Management Platform, and is exposed by the Network Director orchestration services.

    This topic describes:

    Setting up the Naas Domain

    After you install the Network Director API software, the only NaaS service that is available for use is the service for importing the physical network topology of the NaaS domain. Before you can use the full set of NaaS service resources with the API, you must initialize NaaS service and import static configurations to your managed devices.

    You initialize the NaaS service by importing the physical topology and populating the NaaS service repository with the topology. The NaaS service then performs a discovery of the devices in the NaaS domain. When the device discovery is complete, all devices in the topology are ready for configuration.

    After the NaaS service is initialized, you must configure all managed devices. You must push the static configuration files of supported features to the devices. Static configurations are typically stable configurations, but they could be updated in the future if necessary. For example, to enable BGP on a device, you must push the static configuration file for BGP to the device. Pushing static configuration files to your devices enables them to be managed and configured using the Network Director API.

    After you have set up the NaaS service for the Network Director API, all NaaS service resources that are supported for your network topology and devices are available for use.

    Modified: 2017-01-29