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    Configuring Thresholds in vROps

    When you install the Juniper Networks plugin for vROps, the thresholds for memory utilization and CPU utilization are already set. However, if you want to modify this value for your data center network, you can do so from the Metric / Supermetric Symptom Definition page in vROps.

    To change the threshold values in vROps:

    1. Do one of the following:

      • Click in the left pane toolbar.
      • Click Content in the left navigation pane.
      vROps opens the Content pane.
    2. Click Symptom Definition in the Content pane.
    3. If not already selected, click Metric / Supermetric Symptom Definition to select it. vROps opens the Metric / Supermetric Symptom Definition page in the right pane.
    4. Select Adapter Type from the All Filters box and enter Juniper in the search box. Click OK to search for symptoms specific to Juniper Networks adapters.

      Alternatively, scroll and locate the symptoms specific to Juniper Networks adapters—CPU Usage High Symptom, Device Connectivity Down Symptom, and Memory Usage High Symptom.

    5. To change a threshold value, select a symptom and click .
    6. Modify the threshold value as per your network requirements and click Save.

    Modified: 2015-09-24