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    Viewing the Hypervisor Servers in a Data Center

    The hypervisor server inventory displays details of all the hypervisor servers in a data center.

    To view details about the hypervisor servers:

    1. While in Build mode with Datacenter View selected, click the data center for which you want to view the host inventory details. From the Tasks pane, click View Hypervisor Servers from the Inventory menu to open the View Hypervisor Servers page.

    The Hypervisor Servers page displays details of all the hypervisor servers that are part of the selected data center. Table 1 describes the fields in this table.

    Table 1: View Hypervisor Server page Field Descriptions




    Name or the IP address of the hypervisor server.

    Hypervisor Type

    Type of hypervisor.

    For example, ESX/ESXi, which is the hypervisor for the VMware.

    Hypervisor Version

    The hypervisor version that is running on the host.

    Hardware Vendor

    Name of the hardware vendor of the hypervisor server.

    Hardware Model

    Name of the host hardware model.

    Connection State

    One of the following:

    • Connected—The host is connected to the cloud infrastructure.
    • Disconnected—The user has explicitly taken down the host and the host is not connected to the cloud infrastructure.
    • Not responding—The host is connected to the cloud infrastructure, but the server is not receiving heartbeats from the host. The connection state automatically changes to Connected when heartbeats are received again.

    Number of VMs

    Total number of VMs running on the hypervisor server.

    Number of NICs

    Total number of physical NICs on the hypervisor server.


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    Modified: 2016-09-29