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    Enabling High-Frequency Traffic Statistics Monitoring on Devices

    To use Network Director monitoring analytics features such as latency heat maps and congestion monitoring, you must enable high-frequency traffic statistics monitoring on the devices to be monitored. You can also configure the high-frequency traffic statistics sampling rate and event thresholds on devices.

    Note: High-frequency traffic statistics monitoring requires Cloud Analytics Engine support. For more information, see Understanding Cloud Analytics Engine and Network Director.

    Note: You must specify the IP address of Cloud Analytics Engine DLE server under Preferences > Monitoring > Data Learning Engine Settings before you can enable high-frequency traffic statistics monitoring as described in this topic.

    To enable high-frequency traffic statistics monitoring on devices:

    1. Click Deploy in the Network Director banner to open Deploy mode.
    2. Select the task Configuration Deployment > Enable High Frequency Stats in the Tasks pane.

      The Enable High Frequency Stats page opens. It contains a table that list the devices in inventory that support high-frequency traffic statistics monitoring.

    3. To enable or disable high-frequency traffic statistics monitoring on a device, use the check box in the Enable column.
    4. In the Device / Port column, specify whether you want to enable high-frequency traffic statistics monitoring on a device as a whole or on selected ports.

      If you select Device, high-frequency traffic statistics monitoring is enabled on all ports on the device with the settings you specify. If you select Port, you can selectively enable/disable high-frequency traffic statistics monitoring on individual ports on the device and specify different settings for each port.

    5. If you have selected Port in the previous step, click the arrow next to the device name to expose the list of ports and to enable high-frequency traffic statistics monitoring on selected ports.
    6. To change high-frequency traffic statistics monitoring settings, double-click a current setting in the table to edit it. Table 1 describes these settings.
    7. To deploy the settings currently configured on the page, click Deploy.
    8. To reset all settings on the page to the default values and deploy those settings, click Restore all values to default and Deploy.

    Table 1: High-Frequency Traffic Statistics Monitoring Settings



    Traffic Stats Sampling Interval (seconds)

    Sets the interval for traffic statistics sampling, in seconds.

    Latency Stats Sampling Interval (milli seconds)

    Sets the interval for latency statistics sampling, in milliseconds.

    Latency Threshold (nano seconds)

    Sets the latency threshold, in nanoseconds. Monitored latency values higher than this threshold are considered congestion events.

    Modified: 2016-09-29