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    SNR SSID Statistics Monitor

    The SNR SSID Statistics monitor provides summary and detailed information about signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) statistics within the node selected in the View pane. This monitor is available in the Client tab.

    SNR SSID Statistics Summary

    The summary view of the Current SSID Statistics monitor displays a bar chart of SNR statistics within the node selected in the View pane. The number of sessions appears on the vertical axis. The SNR appears on the horizontal axis. Each horizontal axis unit represents a range of SNR values. Select an SSID to display from the Choose SSID list below the chart, or select All to see all SSIDs.

    SNR SSID Statistics Details

    To see detailed information about SNR SSID statistics, click the Details button in the monitor title bar. Table 1 describes the information in the SNR SSID Details window.

    Table 1: SNR SSID Details Window



    SSID Name

    Name of the SSID.


    SNR for the session.

    MAC Address

    MAC address of the client device.

    User Name

    User name of the session.

    AP Name

    Name of the wireless access point to which the session is connected.


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    Modified: 2016-09-29