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Using the Enterprise-Specific Utility MIB with SCG Information Overview


The enterprise-specific Utility MIB enables you to add information SNMP-compliant SCG applications information to the enterprise-specific Utility MIB. The SCG application information includes:

  • NAT mappings

  • Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) pools

  • Service set CPU utilization

  • Service set memory usage

  • Service set summary information

  • Service set packet drop information

  • Service set memory zone information

  • Multiservices PIC CPU and memory utilization

  • Stateful firewall flow counters

  • Session application connection information

  • Session analysis information

  • Subscriber analysis information

  • Traffic Load Balancer information

You use a delivered Stylesheet Language Alternative Syntax (SLAX) script to place SCG information into the enterprise-specific Utility MIB. The script is invoked based on event policies (such as reboot of the router or switchover of Routing Engines) defined in an event script. The script can also be invoked from the command line as an op script. The script only runs on the master Routing Engine. After the script is invoked, it polls data from the specified SCG components at regular intervals using the XML-RPC API and writes the converted data to the Utility MIB as SNMP variables. The script automatically restarts after a configured polling cycle elapses.