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HTTP Header Enrichment for Service Control Gateway Overview


Subscribers accessing Web-based services often need to have content added to the HTTP headers sent back and forth as part of the client-server exchange. You can configure this HTTP header enrichment feature on the Service Control Gateway. Service Control Gateway allows tag insertions. In addition to the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and mobile station ISDN (MSISDN) tags, you can specify tags for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI), Service Control Gateway IP address, and Subscriber IP address.

For example, this feature can add the last line to this sequence of HTTP headers:

You can also use HTTP header enrichment to replace a byte of the IPv4 or IPV6 user address in the HTTP header with a value you specify.

HTTP Content Management (HCM), which provides HTTP header enrichment, is an application used for inspecting the HTTP traffic transmitted through port 80 (default) or any other port you use to transmit HTTP traffic. HCM supports fragmented HTTP request packets and GET, PUT, and POST requests.