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Application Identification and Deep Packet Inspection


Application Identification (AppID) is an infrastructure plug-in on MS-MPC service PICs that provides application classification based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) information to clients. The clients here can be any one or more plug-ins in the service chain, such as TDF, that request application classification data.

This implementation of application identification provides greater functionality and performance than its predecessor. This next-generation feature uses the JDPI code module to interact with a new, proprietary application classification engine. Custom application signatures are now defined under the [edit services application-identification application application-name over custom-signature-name. The layer 7 pattern matching is used in combination with a layer 4 protocols, enabling the creation of up to 4 unique signatures base on the same pattern match.


The previous version of application identification allowed definition of custom signatures under the [edit services application-identification embedded-application