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Modifying a Service Template


If a service is using a definition, you cannot modify any template associated with that definition. To modify a template attached to a service definition that is not in use:

  1. In the Network Activate task pane, select Service Design > Manage Service Templates.

    The Manage Service Templates inventory page appears.

  2. Select the template you want to modify.

    It is not possible to select multiple templates for simultaneous modification.

  3. Right-click the selected template or open the Actions menu and select Modify Service Template.

    The Modify Service Template page appears. The options selected in the template to be modified are not visible initially.

  4. To see the options currently selected in the template, click the plus [+] icon(s) next to the configuration pages in the Selected Configuration Layout panel.

    When all the plus [+] icon(s) are open, all the currently selected configuration options are visible.

  5. Add and/or remove configuration pages and options as required. For instructions on this, see Creating a Service Template.
  6. Specify service-specific data with service variables as required. For instructions on this, see Specifying Service-Specific Values.
  7. To finish modifying the template, click Finish.