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User Session Details Window


The User Session Details window provides information about the active sessions within the node selected in the View pane. To open this window, click the Details button in the Current Sessions or Current Sessions by Type monitors.

The following table describes the columns that appear in the user session details table:

Table 1: User Session Details Table

Table Column


User Name

Client’s user name

MAC Address

Client’s MAC address.

Device Type

Client’s device type.

Device Group

Client’s device group.

Device Profile

Client’s device profile.

Controller IP

IP address of the controller to which the client is connected.


ID of the wireless access point to which the client is connected.


Name of the wireless access point to which the client is connected.


SSID to which the wireless client is connected.


VLAN to which the client is connected.

Client IP

Client’s IP address.

Auth Type

Authorization type used for the client.


Bandwidth used by the client.

Data Usage (KBytes)

Data transmitted and received by the client, in kilobytes.

Elapsed Time

Length of time the session has been active.

Sample Time

Time when the most recent sample was taken.


Received signal strength indication (RSSI). Specified in decibels referred to 1 milliwatt (dBm). A higher value indicates a stronger signal.

Roam In Time

The time when the session roamed in to the wireless access point.


Some table columns are hidden by default. To select which columns to display, mouse over any column heading, click the arrow that appears, mouse over Columns in the drop-down menu, and then select the columns to display from the list.