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Installing the CSD-Topology Software Using the RPM Bundle


We recommend that you install CentOS 7 with the minimal ISO. CentOS can be downloaded from If you are using a different version of Linux, contact JTAC to determine whether your Linux version is supported.

For the hardware requirements that must be met for installing the CSD-Topology software or virtual machine (VM), see Installation Prerequisites.

  1. Access the Junos Space Connectivity Services Director software download page:
  2. Select the Software tab.
  3. From the Version drop-down menu, select 5.2.
  4. From under the Application Package heading, download CSD-Topology.
  5. Install the RPM bundle.

    During the installation, you may need to respond to prompts about configuring bridge interfaces. The existing eth0 bridge will need to be migrated to external0 bridge, and the existing eth1 bridge to mgmt0 bridge. If the system Ethernet interface name is not already eth0, you must manually create the bridge interface.

    The installation process prompts you to enter different credentials to use such as credentials for the Cassandra server. Specifically, the user credentials that are used to access the GUI are also used to validate API users.

    You must ensure that the security settings (such as iptables and SELinux) allow the required services and that the underlying networking settings (such as IP addresses and interfaces) are correctly configured. In the context of Connectivity Services Director, access to the following ports is necessary:

    • Access to port 8443

    • Outbound SSH connections to perform the CLI data collection

    • Inbound PCEP connections (TCP port 4189) for networks using PCEP

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