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Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in Connectivity Services Director Release 2.1R1. For each entry, the identifier in the PR Number column of Table 3 is the tracking number in the Juniper Networks problem report (PR) tracking system.

Table 3: Resolved Issues in Connectivity Services Director Release 2.1R1

PR Number

Problem Description


Transit service applied BGP prefix limit to the BGP protocol instead of applying it to the peer group.


You cannot specify a BGP authentication key for a peer having an IPv4 or an IPv6 address from the Connectivity Services Director application.


The OSPF domain ID is rejected with the message Value does not contain a valid AS number prefix of range 1 - 65536.


Connectivity Services Director displayed the following error message when an existing P2P service order is modified and submitted:

Provider VlanId not modifiable in Service. Interface xe-0/2/8(3866879).


The CoS template created from Connectivity Services Director 2.0R5 was not applied on all devices on Layer 3 VPN.


The status of services is displayed as Down for all services on the Service Summary page.


The routing instance configuration is present on devices even after the services are removed.


Connectivity Services Director Release 2.0R4 identifies NNI as UNI a during prestage job.


The View Physical Inventory page incorrectly shows the slots in MX104 router as empty.


If you try to select endpoints to set up services on an MX104 router, the interface are unavailable.


The device status in Junos Space Network Management Platform appears as In-Sync, while the devices in Connectivity Services Director display the status as Out Of Sync.


If a service order decommission job in Scheduled state is canceled following a server restart, then the service order cannot be deleted from the system.


A generic error message is displayed if the deployment of a VPLS service with Traffic Type as Transport VLAN fails. The generic error message must be replaced with the following appropriate error message:

Specify CVLAN start and CVLAN end values.


Connectivity Services Director fails to recover a service if the Route Target or Route Distinguisher values contain the letter L”.


In the Topology view, the status of Layer 3 links is not dynamically updated.


In the Topology view, optical inline amplifiers (ILAs) are displayed on optical links only after a delay of 15 seconds.


While modifying a Layer 3 VPN service, if you select a device to associate a policy with it, the policy is listed only if you have associated the policy with a device at the time of policy creation.


A device you deleted while modifying a Layer 3 VPN service appears on the Create Policy page.


If you modify the ASN value on a device, then the new ASN value is not updated in the Connectivity Services Director application.

Modified: 2017-08-27