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    Monitoring Active Devices

    Both service providers and their cCPE customers can use the following procedure to monitor active devices on a network. Certain steps apply only to service providers.

    The Active Devices Monitoring task group enables you to select a cCPE customer and a site and view the MAC and IP addresses of client devices that are active on the network connected by the cCPE access link. This information is stored in the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) tables of the device and retrieved through Junos Space Network Management Platform.

    You can enable a DHCP server or relay in a VPN site to provide private address allocation within the VPN. If a DHCP server or relay is enabled for the site, server and relay bindings and statistics for the selected VPN site are displayed on the Active Devices Monitoring page.

    To monitor active devices:

    1. In the Selfcare Portal task pane, select Monitoring > Active Devices Monitoring.

      The Active Devices Monitoring page appears.

    2. (Service providers only) From the Customer selection list, select the desired customer.
    3. From the Site Selection list, select the desired site.
    4. Select Load Data.

      The system retrieves the data for the selected customer and site.

    5. When the job completes, the results display the following information:

      Note: All fields are read-only.

      • Access Link — Name of the access link.
      • IP address — IP address of the device.
      • MAC address — MAC address for the device.
      • Type — Where the device received its IP address from. DHCP is the only supported value.
      • Expiry — DHCP address expiration time for the IP address of the device.

    Modified: 2015-11-06