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    Performing a Functional Audit

    The Functional Audit task enables you to verify the connectivity between two different cCPE customer sites. A functional audit verifies that a site is reachable by sending a series of pings from the source site’s access link to the destination site’s access link. You can select multiple sites for both the source and destination sites. The destination site does not send any pings. A site cannot ping itself, and the functional audit cannot be used if a customer has only one site.

    Both service providers and their cCPE customers can use the following procedure. As noted, certain steps apply only to service providers.

    To perform a functional audit:

    1. In the Selfcare Portal task pane, select the Monitoring > Functional Audit.

      The Functional Audit page appears.

    2. (Service providers only) From the Customer selection list, select the desired customer.
    3. From the Origin Site Selection list, select the site that you want to send the pings.
    4. From the Destination Site Selection list, select the site you want to receive the pings.
    5. Select Schedule Audit to schedule the job.
    6. To view the results of the audit, select View Audit Results.

    Modified: 2015-11-09