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    Configuring SNMP Site Monitoring

    You can monitor your cCPE site using your SNMP management system. The Selfcare Portal provides read-only SNMP access to site information.

    Note: To monitor your cCPE site using SNMP, your service provider must preconfigure the SNMP view on the PE router associated with your site and configure SNMP under the Administration > Application task group in Junos Space Network Management Platform. See SNMP Monitoring for cCPE Services Overview.

    To monitor your site using SNMP:

    1. In the Selfcare Portal task pane, select Administration > Site Configuration > Service Management.
    2. Select the SNMP tab.

      The SNMP page is displayed, an example of which is shown in Figure 1.

      Figure 1: Example-Service Management SNMP Page

      Example-Service Management SNMP Page
    3. From the Site selection list, select the site for which you want to configure SNMP read-only access.
    4. From the Community list, select the community name defined by your service provider. The default name is ccperead.
    5. (Optional) Add a private IP address to the list of allowed clients:
      1. In the IP Address group box, select the Add (+) icon.

        A new row is added to the IP Address group box.

      2. Select the newly added row and specify the IP address of the client.
    6. (Optional) Modify an existing IP address in the list of allowed clients:
      1. Select the address IP you want to modify.
      2. Specify the changes to the client IP address.
    7. (Optional) Delete an IP address from the list of allowed clients:
      1. In the IP Address group box, select the address you want to delete.
      2. Select the Delete (-) icon IP Address group box.
    8. Select Update to save your changes.

    Modified: 2015-11-06