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    Adding the Contrail Node as the SDN Target

    This topic is intended for cCPE service providers.

    This topic describes how to configure SDN targets for Contrail-based virtual CPE services in the cCPE Selfcare Portal. SDN targets are typically the Contrail system.

    Before you perform this procedure, you need to enable the SDN capabilities in cCPE Selfcare Application. See Enabling Software-Defined Networking in the Cloud CPE Selfcare Application for MX Series Routers.

    To configure SDN targets in the cCPE Selfcare Portal:

    1. In the Selfcare Portal task pane, select Administration > Service Definition.

      The Service Definition page is displayed with the following tabs:

      • SDN Targets
      • Available Services
      • Global Properties
    2. Select the SDN Targets tab.

      The Targets page is displayed.

    3. From the Targets page, select the Add (+) icon.

      A new row is added to the list of SDN targets on the Targets page.

    4. Within the newly added row, select the Name field and specify a unique name to identify the Contrail system.

      Note: This name must match the target-name field under the Default Properties for New Service Definitions section on the Global Properties page under Administration > Service Definition.

    5. (Optional) Select the Description field and specify a description for the target.
    6. Select the Admin Username and Admin Password fields and specify the username and password for accessing Contrail and OpenStack, for example, admin/secret123.

      Note: RESTful API calls to cCPE Selfcare Application must include the username and password and the value of these fields must match the Contrail and OpenStack Web UI credentials. cCPE Selfcare Application uses these values to retrieve the keys for the Keystone identity service used by OpenStack for authentication.

    7. Specify the IP addresses and ports associated with the communication between the Selfcare Portal and Contrail.

      cCPE Selfcare Application uses RESTful API calls to communicate with Contrail. . This communication goes through the Junos Space Network Management Platform, which by default uses a firewall to block outgoing requests. To allow communication from the Selfcare Portal to Contrail, you must open the ports in this firewall. The API URI and Keystone URI options enable you to specify the IP addresses and ports used for this communication.

      1. Select the API URI field and specify the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for the Contrail API server. Specify the API URI in the format: http://contrail-webui-node-ip-address:port-number. For example,
      2. Select the Keystone URI field and specify the URI for the Keystone authentication and authorization service used by OpenStack. Specify the Keystone URI in the format: http://contrail-keystone-node-ip-address:port-number. For example,

      Note: In addition, you must run the following commands on Junos Space Network Management Platform:

      • iptables -I OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 35357 -j ACCEPT
      • iptables -I INPUT 3 -p tcp --dport 8080 -j ACCEPT This is to access the web GUI for Junos Space Network Management Platform.
      • iptables -I OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 8082 -j ACCEPT This is for outgoing requests to Contrail from Junos Space Network Management Platform.
    8. Select the Save () icon to save your changes.

    Modified: 2015-11-09