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    Configuring Private IP Networks on Access Links

    This procedure describes how to configure private IP addresses for your networks associated with the access link. Configuring an private IP address on the access link inserts the address into the local routing protocol, for example BGP, running in the routing instance defined for the access link. This ensures routes to the private network are propagated to all the other cCPE routing instances in the VPN so other sites can reach the site behind the access link where the private addresses are configured.

    To configure private IP addresses on the access link:

    1. In the Selfcare Portal task pane, select Administration > Site Configuration > Access Links.

      The Access Links page is displayed.

    2. From the Site selection list, select the site for which you want to configure private IP addresses.
    3. Select the Private Address Management tab.

      The Private Address Management page is displayed, an example of which is shown in Figure 1.

      Figure 1: Example-Private Address Management Page

      Example-Private Address Management Page
    4. From the Access Link list, select the desired access link.

      The Private Addresses group box is displayed.

    5. (Optional) Add a private address:
      1. In the Private Addresses group box, select the Add (+) icon .

        A new row is added to the Private Addresses group box.

      2. Select the new row and specify the IP address you want to add.
    6. (Optional) Delete a private address:
      1. In the Private Addresses group box, select the IP address you want to delete.
      2. Select the Delete (-) icon.
    7. Select Update to save your changes.

    Modified: 2015-11-06