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    Configuring the Basic NAT Service

    This topic provides a summary of how to configure the basic NAT service in the Selfcare Portal.

    The basic NAT requires service providers to configure certain steps after which cCPE customer network administrators can configure the remaining steps for their specific NAT service.

    Note: The basic NAT service automatically creates a default route pointing to the service interface on the MX Series router handling your site access link. If you attempt to create a second default route, the basic NAT installation fails.

    Complete the following steps in the Selfcare Portal to configure the basic NAT service:

    1. (Service Provider) Install services line cards in the MX Series router.
    2. (Service Provider) Configure the public IP address pools on the MX Series router from Step 1, see Understanding How to Manage Public IP Address Pools and Configuring Public Address Pools.
    3. (Service Provider) Configure the services interfaces on the MX Series router from Step 1, see Configuring Services Interfaces.
    4. (Customer Network Administrator) Create the basic NAT service. Creating the basic NAT service enables devices in the customer network to access the Internet. See Creating a New NAT Service Instance.
    5. (Optional) (Customer Network Administrator) Configure the mapping between the private and public IP address of any servers using the NAT service, see Configuring the Mapping Between Private and Public IP Addresses for the NAT Service.

    Modified: 2015-11-09