Applications developed with the Junos SDK are protected in various ways, as follows:

Some additional security features allow applications to protect themselves in various ways. This functionality includes the following:

Security Policies at Various Levels

SDK developers and router administrators can implement policies at a number of levels to enforce restrictions on the runtime environment (limits and access privileges) for SDK applications installed on the router:

Licensing Library

The SDK licensing library allows applications to enable or disable features of a daemon or plugin based on their license validity. License keys are entered by the router administrator using CLI commands. Each licensed feature has a unique feature ID that Juniper Networks provides. SDK applications on the Routing Engine can use this feature ID to check the validity of the license for a given feature. Applications can also register to receive asynchronous notifications of license status, such as license expiration, license moving to a grace period, and license cap change (for scale licenses).

The licensing functions are in your backing sandbox at sandbox/src/junos/lib/libjunos-license/junos_license.h and are documented in the Junos SDK Library Reference.

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