RE SDK Functionality Overview

The RE SDK provides the following functionality:

SDK applications running on the Routing Engine share the JUNOS CPU and memory.

The Daemon Event Loop

Daemons running on the Routing Engine are single-threaded, event-driven applications. An RE SDK daemon can receive three basic kinds of events, unless it registers to receive more:

All events are handled by callback functions into the RE SDK application’s code.

Examples of other events a daemon could handle are:

Non Daemon Applications

Applications running on the Routing Engine might need to invoke utilities that perform specific actions but do not require a separate daemon. For example, you could have an application that refuses new connections when a link is congested. The application runs a utility program called congestlink to test the functionality of the application, with the following syntax: congestlink –interface fe.0.0 –rate=1gbs Because congestlink only runs for a short time and then exits, it does not need its own daemon.

The API for initializing non-daemon applications is provided as a part of libjunos-sdk on the Routing Engine. The API extends some of the data structures and APIs already present for daemon initialization. For details, see Initializing a Nondaemon Application on the Routing Engine in the Initializing an Application programming task.

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