Sending the Setup Message to the PIC

Finally, the application creates the setup message and sends it to the PIC.

Structures this code references are defined in the jnx-gateway-msg.h file (in the sdk/junos/examples/src/include/jnx directory) and contain information for:

The code makes this call:

                                  pgre_session->pdata_pic, pgre_session);

    return EOK;

jnx_gw_ctrl_fill_data_pic_msg() is in the jnx-gateway_ctrl_data.c file. It fills a send buffer (pointed to by send_buf) with the message for the data PIC (the PIC is pointed to by pdata_pic). It then makes various checks and calls the pconn_client_send() function in the libconn library to send the message if it survives the checks:

 /* only valid messages */
        if (pdata_pic->cur_len != sizeof(*hdr))  {

            hdr->msg_len = htons(pdata_pic->cur_len);

            pconn_client_send(pdata_pic->pic_data_conn, hdr->msg_type,
                              pdata_pic->send_buf, pdata_pic->cur_len);

Processing the Packet on the PIC

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