Mapping Services to Rules

The application must maintain a mapping between ID and policy rules for either of the following service set styles:

In the sample application, the management daemon performs the following actions to create this mapping:

The data daemon, upon receiving the configuration from the management daemon, creates the policy database with the following mappings:

         Service set ID ---- Rules -- Direction
         Subunit ID ----- Service set ID --- Rules -- Direction

More information about the policy database on the PIC is in Using the Database on the PIC.

Creating the Rule Database

The management daemon creates a linked list of entries that associate service sets with rules, using the jnx_flow_svc_set_list_t structure, which is defined as follows in the file jnx-flow-mgmt_svc_set.h:

typedef struct jnx_flow_svc_set_list_s {

    struct jnx_flow_svc_set_list_s*     next;
    uint32_t                            is_jnx_flow;
    uint32_t                            rule_index;
    jnx_flow_svc_set_t                  svc_set;
    jnx_flow_svc_set_node_t            *svc_set_node;
    jnx_flow_config_type_t              op_type;
    jnx_flow_rule_name_list_t          *rule_list;

The structures referenced by jnx_flow_svc_set_list_t lead to nodes in the patricia tree that contains the database:

typedef struct jnx_flow_svc_set_node_s {
         patnode                node;
         jnx_flow_svc_set_t     svc_set;
         nh_idx_t               in_nh_idx;
         nh_idx_t               out_nh_idx;
         u_int16_t              svc_set_id;
      }  jnx_flow_svc_set_node_t;

typedef struct jnx_flow_rule_name_list_s {
          struct jnx_flow_rule_name_list_s*   next;
          jnx_flow_config_type_t              op_type; /* used in service set rule set */
          u_int32_t                           rule_index;
          char                                rule_name[JNX_FLOW_STR_SIZE];
          jnx_flow_rule_node_t*               rule_node;

typedef struct jnx_flow_rule_node_s {    
          patnode                 node;
          jnx_flow_rule_t         rule;
          u_int16_t               rule_id;
          u_int8_t                use_count;
      } jnx_flow_rule_node_t;

Subsequent code references jnx_flow_svc_set_list_t to add new service sets and rules. The functions jnx_flow_parse_service_set() and jnx_flow_parse_service_set_rules() ( in the file jnx-mgmt-svc_set.c) populate the structure after reading the configuration.

Extracting the Service Set Information

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