libssd Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
ssd_ipc_ftFunction table handler for connections
ssd_ipc_msgSsd IPC Message structure
ssd_nh_add_parmsStructure for next hop addition
ssd_nh_opq_dataStructure for passing private data to the next hop
ssd_route_lookup_parmsRoute lookup parameters
ssd_route_parmsRoute structure for route addition
ssd_rt_delete_parmsRoute structure for route deletion
ssd_rt_gatewayRoute gateway structure
ssd_rt_lookup_reply_as_msgAS number
ssd_rt_lookup_reply_gtway_entry_msgA single next hop
ssd_rt_lookup_reply_head_msgRoute lookup reply message
ssd_rt_lookup_reply_route_entry_msgRoute entry message passed with the route lookup reply
ssd_rt_metricsRoute metric structure
ssd_sockaddr_un_Generic address structure, used only for referencing length and family

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