System Library Extensions (Services SDK)

The following are extensions made to the standard FreeBSD libraries to support processor affinity, and provide a fast mechanism to retrieve timestamps from the system.

These extensions include:

The following two examples demonstrate the use of the three pthread function extensions dpcumented here.

The first example demonstrates the use of the libpthread extensions pthread_attr_setcpuaffinity_np and pthread_attr_getcpuaffinity:

 pthread_example() {
  pthread_attr_t attr;
   pthread_t tid;
   int cpu_num = 5;
   if (pthread_attr_setscope(&attr, PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM)) {
        return -1;
   if (pthread_attr_setcpuaffinity_np(&attr, cpu_num)) {
        return -1;
   if (pthread_create(&tid, &attr, (my_pthread_loop_t)my_pthread_loop,
                      pthread_args_p)) {
        return -1;
   if (pthread_attr_getcpuaffinity_np(&attr, &cpu_num)) {
        return -1;
   } else {
        printf("pthread bound to cpu %d\n", cpu_num);
  return 0;

The second example demonstrates the use of the function lw_getsystimes to retrieve the system timestamp and boot times.

An application that needs to get a continuous timestamp can call:

 lw_getsystimes(&ts, NULL); 

If it wants to get the boot time as well then it would call:

 lw_getsystimes(&ts, &boottime); 

For Further Reading

System Library Extensions API Reference
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