The SNMP Interface

Net-SNMP is a collection of various tools relating to the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) including:

The libnet-snmp library enables any SDK application to become an SNMP subagent, connect to the master agent, register Management Information Base (MIB) objects, and process requests for object values. The JUNOS SDK supports Net-SNMP version 5.3.1. You can use the Net-SNMP APIs (as documented at to create a subagent and set traps. For creating a subagent, the following methods are officially supported:

The sample application, jnx-ifinfod, is intended to provide the basis for your use of SNMP. The application creates an SNMP subagent for communicating with SNMP clients to poll and display system interface information through the command-line interface (CLI). For more information about the sample application and how it uses SNMP, see Using SNMP.
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